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Tips for Relocating Bats

So what are you supposed to do if you find your home or business has a bat infestation?

First you need to inspect the structure. There will be points that they are entering and leaving. You will also need to locate where in the structure they are living and if they have caused any damage to the area. It is best to find out what species you are dealing with in order to properly remove and replace then in their natural habitat. This is where consulting a professional will most likely be necessary.

Dusk and dawn are the best times to find out where they are entering and existing the structure. This is when they typically start their routine for the night and then come back to rest in the morning. Keep in mind that they like to settle themselves in warm, confined spaces and you will rarely see them out in the open.

All entrances and exits must be located on the structure. These can be as little as a half inch gap and are easily looked over, so inspection must be thorough! Seal all holes/gaps except for the primary entrance/exit. This can be done with caulking, tightly wired mesh, anything that will block access and has no possibility of allowing access to the bats and their small-fitting bodies.

This primary entrance will then be installed with exclusion netting or funnel system. This exclusion system allows the bats to fly out like normal, but will prevent them from regaining access. This is the best way to get rid of the bat problem. It does not cause any harm to them and allows them to keep living and procreating so they can take care of the environment as they do.

Once you can be certain all the bats are gone, the final entrance can be sealed. It is important to make sure that every bat has evacuated the premise before completing the sealing process. As long as everything is sealed properly, the bats will not be able to return. They are smart and will try to return to the same spot, so it is important to make sure that any possible access points are completely sealed.

After everything is sealed and the bats are gone, it is time to focus on the cleanup. This is quite a process in itself as they tend to leave behind a mess. They will have left droppings any place they accessed.

This will cause deterioration to the structure and promote mold growth. Any place the bats had access should be thoroughly cleaned. Droppings should be removed, surfaces wiped down, any damage done to the drywall or insulation should be replaced. Use of an enzyme cleaner is optimal.

This is a very effective and really the only humane way to get rid of bats. Please note that bats should never be removed from their habitat during maternity season. We want to take care to protect our bats’ ecosystems and prevent their extinction. Please contact a professional if you need to have an extraction performed.

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