The Benefits of Bats and How to Humanely Remove Them

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Wildlife Conservation

Our world is made up of fragile and complex ecosystems. Everything feeds off of everything else and if one species is eradicated, it can cause a lasting chain reaction. Preserving our wildlife is something that everyone should be taught and urged to do. What may seem like a nuisance in your immediate life, may actually lead to grave consequences if not handled properly. There are humane alternatives to removing these “nuisances.” Each species of animal has their own place in this world and deserve to be protected.

Benefits of Bats

Bats provide essential functions for the world’s ecosystem. They play a very beneficial role especially to the agricultural industry as they eat many of the insects that are damaging to crops. Bats essentially have become a natural and safe alternative to pesticides. The more pests that the bats take care of, the less pesticides will be applied to our food sources. The bats not only eat the insects that harm crops but also insects that spread disease such as mosquitoes. As the bats consume the infected insects, there becomes less chance of the illnesses to be spread around. As you can see, promoting the life system of bats is very important.

Some species of bats benefit the ecosystem as pollinators. This is greatly seen in the rain-forest regions and deserts. Desert bats pollinate plants such as cacti and agave. The rain-forests contain a variety of plantings that rely on bats for pollination. This allows for plant species to multiply and produce fruit and seeds. These bats pollinate by moving from plant to plant, drinking the nectar of the flowers. A couple popular types of plants the bats are responsible for pollinating are fruits like bananas and peaches.

We have bats to thank for helping to revitalize the rain-forest. They are great at dispersing seeds. Since they are not afraid to travel long distances, they are more effective at spreading seeds than other helpers like birds and primates. Bats are vital to our global plant life. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to these creatures of the night.

Humane Removal

As you have learned, bats play a key role in maintaining our fragile ecosystem. This is why it is so important to take care of the species as a whole. Bats can become a nuisance if they take refuge in your home. Your home is not where the bats should be residing. They need to be guided into a better and safer habitat. There are safe and effective ways to provide humane bat removal.It is important to use caution if you are needing to remove a bat infestation from your home.

They bite so you will want to make sure to wear thick clothing such as leather or layered material, especially on your hands. Look for signs of bats in dark places like corners, cracks, creases, and where they can hang like curtains and upholstered items. If you can capture them while they are at rest, you can simply take a plastic container, place it over them and scoop them up, and release them back into the outdoors. They typically do not take off from the ground, so when releasing them it is best to do it from a location higher up off the ground.

Rabies can be a serious risk factor to take into consideration with these creatures. Take every precaution to get the bats out of your home while protecting yourself. Call in professionals who will be sure to care that they are removed in a humane fashion. If you or someone else thinks they may have been bitten, it is important to contact a medical professional and the local animal control center. Most likely they will begin treatment for rabies as a precaution.


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